Sunday Services @ 10:30am at 1701 Hemphill St.


1701 Hemphill St.

Ft. Worth TX 76110



The Bible does not draw a distinction in the Church between those who are ministers and those who are merely members.

servingIn Ephesians 4:12 the Bible teaches that all Christians are called into the ministry. All Christians have been sealed with his Holy Spirit and simultaneously equipped with spiritual giftings to serve the body of Christ (1Corinthains 12-14). As a result, we encourage every member of Hope Works to find a place of ministry service where they can use their spiritual giftings to build up the body of Christ as it seeks to carry out the great commission of Jesus (Mathew 28:18-20).

Outside of the various ministries listed already on the site such as Hope Works Kids or the Prayer Ministry, here are a few other noteworthy places of service:

  • Nursery: Director ~ Breawna Trammell

    …..serving the church body by ministering to newborns to preschool children up to age 4.
  • HW Kids: Director ~ Jennifer Merrywell

    …..serving the church body by ministering to children ages 1st through 5th grade

  • Youth Ministry: Director ~

    ….serving the church body by ministering to the youth 6th grade through 12th grade

  • Home Groups: Director ~ 

    …..serving the church body through groups that meet in homes weekly

  • Women’s Ministry: Director ~ 

    ……serving ladies in the church body with weekly Bible studies, mentoring & personal growth

  • Men’s Ministry: Director ~ Shane Gray

     ……serving men in the church body with weekly Bible studies, mentoring and special events

  • Prayer Ministry: ~ Jeremy Cannon

    …. serving the church body through weekly prayer meetings on Sundays at 5:00 pm

  • Worship Team: Pastor ~ Cassidee Hale

    ….serving the church body through music on Sunday mornings for service and special events

  • Welcome Team: Director ~ Ruben Gonzales

     …..serving the church body as greeters, ushers & first contact for visitors at all church events

  • Security Team: Director ~ Loyd Gray

    …..serving the church body through monitoring exits and crowd activity during service

  • Cleaning Team:Director ~ Archie Campbell

     …..serving the church body by cleaning the church building on a weekly basis.

  • Maintenance Team: Director ~ Rob Castiglione 

    …..serving the church body by handling repairs & basic upkeep for our 54,000 square ft. facility

  • Next Step Team:Director ~Breawna Trammell

     …..serving the church body by preparing new members for service and growth at Hope Works

  • Media Team:Director ~ Reggie Scott

     …….serving the church body through multimedia slide presentation for church service

  • Missions Team: Director ~ Brandon Darnell

     …….serving the church body through updates and outreach on foreign and local missionaries


For encouragement and guidance in finding your ministry niche at Hope Works, please contact Loyd Gray at