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1701 Hemphill St.

Ft. Worth TX 76110


Home Groups

Different days, different locations, different people. The same mission of biblical community and discipleship.


Home Groups are a place where you can know and be known, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated.  In Home Groups, no one stands alone. 

In Home Groups we fellowship together, eat together, study the Word of God together, laugh together, and often times cry together.

The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone.

Check out a Home Group this week and begin experiencing the soulful power of walking in Biblical Community.


Patrick Clower Home Group
Fort Worth,
Phone: 817.487.6163
Meet Thursday night at 7:00 PM

Clay Ray Home Group
Lake Worth,
Phone: 817-907-0240 ( Clay's Cell )
Meet Monday night at 7:00 PM

Robert and Susie Ursprung
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Phone: 817-729-5538 ( Susie’s Cell )
Meet Tuesday night at 7:00 PM

Luke Gilcrease
Hope Works Church
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Phone: 817-233-8476 ( Luke’s Cell )
Meet Wednesday at 7:00 PM



For More information on any home group contact Robbie Bolinger: 817.907.5625 |